Get to know the key people involved in the Bacolet Bay project


Kash has been a Director at Bacolet Bay Resort since 2007, and his Linkedin page also lists directorships at Krakow Lofts and a company called Global Citizen Realty, which seems to offer visas/passports in return for property investment, and is still listing Bacolet Bay units on its website. He is listed twice at Companies House, under Kash Lais and Kashem Lais, and has a string of dissolved companies to his name as well as one – Lakeside Nominee – currently under receiver action and with outstanding legal charges.


Michael appears to handle the legal side of things at Bacolet Bay, and is also a cofounder of Global Citizen Realty. He too has two Companies House records and is listed as a director of several other companies related to GCR involving property and construction, as well as having several dissolved companies on his record.


Chris sits on the FRC of Bacolet Bay which is supposed to be independent of the management company; yet he also sits on the board of several companies alongside Kash Lais & Michael Gunn.


A solicitor with Clifford Chance, Joachim heads up the FRC and is usually the best bet for any purchasers wanting a straight(ish) answer to what is going on. Claims to have invested $2m+ of his own money in the project.


Owner of Cape Verde TOPA, Steve handled my original purchase of the unit and stopped responding to emails on the subject some 3 years ago. After putting in a complaint to the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) of which he claimed to be a member, they got back to me saying his company wasn’t in fact a member at all.